Men's Rowing Adds More To The Medal Count At Knecht Cup

This past weekend was a great success for the Men's Rowing Program. The Wildcats brought home 10 medals, 5 silver and 5 bronze, adding on to the 10 they've already acquired earlier this season. 

The first race of the weekend was the Men's Varsity Pair, Jacob Kraus ('17) and Andrew Belack ('17) completed the race just behind NYU and Carnegie Melon. They did not qualify for the semi finals, but with some work this week they have a lot of improvement they can make up.

Next was the Men's Varsity Four, coxed by Brandon Dorenkott ('17) finished strong in the heat just 1 second behind Marist College, and finished the final with a bronze medal, (the boat's second of the season). Michael McCarthy ('17), Austin Neri ('17), Christian Vergilio ('16) and Christopher Helman ('16) were only a few seconds behind Colgate College, a favored contender, so the Wildcats are setting themselves up for some good results in the coming weeks.

The last races of the day were in the Men's Frosh/Novice Four, coxed by Alyson Delledonne ('19). The boat made it through their heat on Saturday, and won their semi later that afternoon and finished second, just 2 seconds behind Army to take home silver medals. William Rieger ('19), Nolan Lauber ('19), Nicholas Burns ('19) and Thomas Liebiger ('17) improved dramatically since their last race and are going to be exciting to watch in the coming races.

The next race for the Cats is the Kerr Cup this weekend in Philadelphia, April 16th, on their home course. 

Wildcats take Bronze at Murphy Cup Regatta

The Men's Varsity 4+ took home a bronze medal this Saturday at the 34th Annual Murphy Cup in Philadelphia, PA. With a very strong showing in their heat, the four, easily skated by the competition and finished with a 6:56.63 time, 11.83 seconds ahead of second place NY Maritime. 

In the final, the Wildcats got off to a very quick start and separated from the field along with the University of Virginia A and B boats. After battling through Strawberry Mansion bridge and past the St. Joseph's boathouse, the Wilcats started to concede to UVA, and ultimately took 3rd.

The boat was comprised of Brandon Dorenkott (JR cox), Michael McCarthy (JR), Austin Neri (JR), Christian Vergilio (SR), and Christopher Helman (SR).


The Freshman/Novice 4+ took fifth in their final, closing the gap on their competitors week by week.

The boat was comprised of Alyson Delledonne (FR cox), William Rieger (FR), Nolan Lauber (FR), Thomas Liebiger (JR), and Nicholas Burns (FR).


Their next race is in two weeks at the Knecht Cup Regatta, where the Wildcats hope to improve upon their results.

Team Indoor Scrimmage vs LaSalle University

This past Saturday, on January 30th, the Wildcats made their way to Chew and Olney Ave to go head to head with the LaSalle University Explorers in a tournament style 1k bracket challenge. 

The Wildcats put 3 athletes in the final four of the tournament, which is an impressive feat, considering the Explorers team outnumbered them 2 to 1. With a 1-point per win scoring arrangement, Villanova entered the final two rounds down just 3 points 16 - 13, as Junior Mike McCarthy went to head to head with LaSalle University's top athlete, Marcus Brown. It was a brutal battle, but in the end, LaSalle took the individual victory.

The final piece of the day ended in a very exciting display of a team effort for the overall trophy. Villanova was now down by 4 points, with 7 athletes competing in the last race of the day. Senior Chris Helmon lead the Wildcats to their first point, followed by novices Thomas Leiberger, Will Rieger, Nicholas Burns, and Nolan Lauber

Despite the efforts, LaSalle took the Cats in a final score of 21-18. 

Overall, it was a very competitive and productive day for both teams, ending in a group breakfast at LaSalle's cafeteria.

Men's Frosh/Novice Four Takes Second at HOSR

The Wildcats were out in full force this past weekend at the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta in Philadelphia, PA. The historic race celebrated its 45th year in the city of Brotherly Love, and Villanova Men's Rowing came away with 5 medals this year. 

Results from the weekend are posted below:

Men's Championship Pair w/out Cox
Co-Captains Christian Vergilio and Christopher Helman placed 9th out of 17 entries, with a time of 15:59.05.

Spencer Chipman ('15) and Matthew Valazza ('14) placed 11th out of 17 entries, with a time of  16:22.17.

Men's College Frosh/Novice Four w/Cox
Alyson Dellonne, William Rieger, Nolan Lauber, David Desino, and Nicholas Burns placed 2nd out of 16, with a time of 15:42.69, earning silver medals for the Wildcats.

Left to Right: Alyson Dellonne '19, David Desino '18, Nolan Lauber '19, William Rieger '19, Nicholas Burns '19

Left to Right: Alyson Dellonne '19, David Desino '18, Nolan Lauber '19, William Rieger '19, Nicholas Burns '19

Men's Championship Four w/Cox
Brandon Dorenkott, Michael McCarthy, Austin Neri, Christian Vergilio, and Christopher Helman placed 16th out of 50 entries, with a time of 15:01.37.

Men's College Frosh/Novice Eight
Alyson Dellonne, William Rieger, Nolan Lauber, Nicholas Burns, Jack Moore, Daniel Craft, Joaquin Etienne, Jonathan Mack, and Jesus de Luna placed 24th out of 38 entries, with a time of 15:51.29.

Men's Championship Heavy Eight
Kerri Devlin, Thomas McEleheny, Joseph Weaver, Andrew Prephan, Andrew Dowdell, David Desino, William Rieger, Jake Kraus and Timothy Phillips finished the race in 14:27.35, to place 23rd out of 28 entries.

Men's Alumni Eight
To wrap up the day, the Men's Alumni Eight placed 12th out of 25 entries, with a time of 14:58.33. The boat was comprised of Jared Uribe-Sullivan '13, Gary Dawes '12, Danny Sidorenko '14, Jim McMackin '13, Spencer Chipman '15, John Carolla '14, John Traynor '82, Matt Valazza '14, and Taylor Hamilton '13. 

Head of the Schuylkill Regatta

The Men's Rowing team will represent Villanova University in full force this Saturday, October 24th at the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, PA. The Wildcats will be racing in the Champ 2-, College Frosh/Novice 4+, Champ 4+, College Frosh/Novice 8+, Champ 8+, and Alumni 8+ events this weekend.

The schedule is listed below:

Men's Championship 2- @8:00am
Men's College Frosh/Novice 4+ @8:15am
Men's Championship 4+ @9:50am
Men's College Frosh/Novice 8+ @10:20am
Men's Heavy Championship 8+ @3:30pm
Men's Alumni 8+ @4:10pm

For more information, please go to:



Fall 2015 Team Announced

The 2015 Villanova Men's Rowing Team has been announced. This fall, the Wildcats Rowing Association will consist of the following student-athletes:

Christopher Helman '16
Christian Vergilio '16
Andrew Dowdell '16
Joseph Weaver '17
Andrew Prephan '17
Austin Neri '17
Michael McCarthy '17
Brandon Dorenkott '17
Alexandra Evans '17
Andrew Belack  '17
Thomas McEleney '17
Timothy Phillips '17
Jacob Kraus '17
David Desino '18
Kerri Devlin '18
Jesus De Luna '18
William Rieger '19
Nicholas Burns '19
Jackson Hubble '19
Daniel Craft '19
Jack Moore '19
Jonathan Mack '19
Evan Jenkins '19
Joaquim Etienna '19
Nolan Lauber '19
Alison Deledonne '19

Club and Activity Fair

The Men's Rowing Team will have an information booth on campus in the Pavillion on August 26th, 2015. The event will take place between 6pm and 9pm. Please stop by if interested in learning more about the team, and/or trying out for the Fall season!

Contact Assistant Coach Devon Teichman @ with any questions.

Villanova Varsity Challenges Drexel in Opening Duel.

In the first Philadelphia appearance of the 2015 Season, the Villanova Wildcats walked away with some of the strongest results in program history. 

In the most exciting race of the day, Villanova's Varsity 8+ jumped off the line and pushed out to an early length lead over Drexel's Varsity 8+. Coming into the bridge the Dragons, in Lane 2, pushed back into the Wildcats (Lane 1) who still held a 6 seat advantage. Passing the halfway mark the Wildcats lead had diminished to a four seats advantage over the Drexel Varsity 8+ and a full length over the Drexel Second Varsity boat. Drexel continued to chip away at the Villanova lead through the third 500 meter mark but not by much. As both crews shifted into the sprint with 400 meters to go, Villanova held a three seat advantage. Approximately 200 meters later Drexel had taken their first lead right when it counted, finishing 1.5 seconds ahead of Villanova. Drexel's Varsity 8+ covered the 2000m course in 5:39.5, Villanova's in 5:41.0, Drexel's Second Eight clocked 5:43.1 and LaSalle finished with 5:57.2.

First year head coach Sean McKenna was "Disappointed that we were unable to capitalize on a well executed race, but we're all motivated by our progress and eager to change the outcome at the next opportunity."

The Wildcats drew on the novices to fill out the Junior Varsity and Freshman Eights. The remaining two varsity athletes switched into the Freshman 8+ and finished 3rd of 4 in the Junior Varsity Race. The Freshmen 8+ finished 4th of 4 behind Drexel and LaSalle.

The Wildcats next official race will be March 28th at the Murphy Cup Regatta hosted by Temple University and held in Camden, NJ. 


 RESULTS (Thanks to Row2K)

Varsity 8+
- Cox: Brandon Dorenkott '17
 - 8: Spencer Chipman '15
 - 7: Jack Holden '17
 - 6: Christian Helmon '16
 - 5: Austin Neri '17
 - 4: Mike McCarthy '17
 - 3: Christian Virgilio '16
 - 2: Andrew Prephan '17
 - 1: Joe Weaver '17
Junior Varsity 8+
- Cox: Alexandra Evans '17
 - 8: Tim Philips '17
 - 7: Frazier Fernandez '18
 - 6: Matthew McDevitt '18
 - 5: Tom McElheney '17
 - 4: Matias Sejersen '18
 - 3: Peter Mahotiere'18
 - 2: Kevin O'Neill '18
 - 1: Brendan Girouard '18

Freshmen 8+
- Cox: Ana Song '18
 - 8: Tim Philips '17
 - 7: Frazier Fernandez '18
 - 6: Matt McDevitt '18
 - 5: David Desino '18
 - 4: Matias Sejersen '18
 - 3: Peter Mahotiere'18
 - 2: Andrew Belack '18
 - 1: Jake Kraus '18

Villanova University Ties Drexel University for 2014 Head of the Schuylkill Collegiate Points Trophy

Individually, the Men’s Rowing Team placed 2nd to local powerhouse Drexel but ahead of 35 other colleges and universities. Drexel managed 10 points, Villanova earned 7, and the University of Delaware took 6. The Villanova Women’s Team equaled the Men’s effort with 7 points which gave Villanova University a total of 14 points on the day. Drexel University’s Women accrued 4 points, bringing the schools to a tie at 14 points.

Sean McKenna, first-year head coach of the Villanova Men’s Rowing Team said, “This is really a direct result of the pride, energy, and purpose everyone in our organization puts into training. We only had 11 rowers on the varsity side and weren't chasing points so this was a pleasant surprise.”

The Wildcats’ “A” pair led off the regatta wearing bow marker #1. They earned every bit of that, dominating the course, and finishing nearly 30 seconds ahead of second place. The “B” pair started off in 10th place, and was forced to navigate a tough course passing several boats en route to a bronze medal.

The Varsity Fours improved significantly from last year’s results. The “A” boat jumped 17 spots from 20th to 3rd, despite having raced less than an hour prior. The “B” boat moved up from last year’s 23rd place finish to 17th.

The 19 Freshman/Novice walk ons took to the water Saturday for their first race experience. The Freshman/Novice Four placed 5th in their event of 16, while the Freshman/Novice Eight “A” and “B” boats finished 22nd and 27th, respectively in their event. Head Freshman Coach, Devon Teichman, had this to say on their performance, “I was really proud of the way our guys handled themselves throughout the day. Even though they are totally new to all of this, you would have thought they had been there for years. I’m looking forward to spring.”

In what was the third time down the 2.5 mile course for the majority of the varsity team, the Varsity 8+ finished 7th of 19 colleges and clubs in their event.

Finally, in the Men’s Alumni Eight event, Villanova fielded two full eights to compete against other alumni. The Wildcats closed out the successful day of racing finishing 8th and 30th.




2014 Head of the Schuylkill Regatta Lineups

Varsity Pair "A"
   Stroke: Spencer Chipman '15
Bow: Jack Holden '17
Varsity Pair "B"
Stroke: Chris Helmon '16
Bow: Christian Virgilio '16


Varsity Four "A"
Cox: Brandon Dorenko '17
Stroke: Spencer Chipman '15
3: Jack Holden '17
2: Chris Helmon '16
Bow: Austin Neri '17
Varsity Four "B"
Cox: Alexa Evans '17
Stroke: Christian Virgilio '16
3: Mike Polkow '17
2: Tom McElheney '17
Bow: Marco Bongarzone '17


Varsity Eight
Cox: Brandon Dorenko '17
8: Spencer Chipman '15
7: Jack Holden '17
6: Chris Helmon '16
5: Austin Neri '17
4: Mike McCarthy '17
3: Christian Virgilio '16
2: Andrew Prephan '17
Bow: Joey Weaver '17


Freshman/Novice Four
Cox: Sofia Valbuena
Stroke: Eliot GregorY
3: Matias Sejersen
2: Matthew Barra
Bow: Brendan Girouard


Freshman/Novice Eight “A”
Cox: Kerri Devlin
8: Frazer Fernandes
7: Timothy Phillips
6: Matthew Barra
5: Brendan Girouard
4: Kevin O’Neil
3: Matthew McDevitt
2: Jacob Kraus
Bow: Sam Cacela
Freshman/Novice Eight “B”
Cox: Ana Song
8: Nick DiCapua
7: Eliot Gregory
6: Matias Sejersen
5: Mike Montague
4: William Yoquinto
3: Peter Mahotiere
2: Francisco Rogel
Bow: Andrew Belack


Fall Racing + Winter Training + Spring Break

We started off the year by hiring a new head coach in Scott Wisniewski. Scott came to us from Vesper where he served as the High Performance coach. We also hired a new freshman coach in Sean McKenna. Sean most recently rowed in the 2012 World Championship Ltwt 8. Lastly, we began training in the Varsity Weightroom (Powerhouse) coached by Emily Esselman. Our lifts mostly consist of Olympic lifts, and are completed twice a week, for a total of 8 training sessions a week.

We posted respectable results for our fall racing, most notably 25/40 in the Collegiate 8 at Head of the Charles, and 11/25 in the Collegiate 8's at the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta. 

After Fall racing ended we began working hard for the spring season. After a long but extremely productive winter training season we showed off our new speed at the Main Line Slide, an indoor regatta hosted at Villanova. We had the Collegiate winner in Spencer Chipman (6:18) and the Collegiate Lightweight winner in Peter Zaleski (6:47.1).

Next we headed down to Winter Park, FL for our spring break training trip. We had two-a-day practices culminating in a meet against Rollins College. After being bested the two past years, our Varsity 8 nudged out a win by .8 seconds with a time of 5:48.1 The Varsity 4 also took the win, along with the Pair, Novice 8, and Novice 4. It was a very productive and successful trip for the entire Mens team, from top to bottom!

Looking forward, we will be racing our normal schedule, but most exciting is our plan to race at the San Diego Crew Classic! This will be the first time the men's team has made the trip to California in quite a while. If you are  in California, we encourage you to make the trip!

All in all, very exciting results for your Villanova Men's Rowing team. After a couple building years, we feel that we have a solid foundation and are ready to produce results on the water. If you are interested in following our results more closely, please follow our Facebook and Twitter.