Villanova Men’s Rowing is unlike any other club program at the University, in that we recruit high school athletes to our program.  We do not offer financial or direct admissions assistance, but we do provide guidance, information, and personalized tours of both the University and boathouse facilities.  A number of the team’s athletes have rowed in high school but have not been recruited. The majority of our rowers are "walk-on" athletes, with no rowing experience prior to college, though they have participated in a wide variety of sports and other activities.

The Villanova Wildcat getting some meters in on the erg

The Villanova Wildcat getting some meters in on the erg

It is not necessary to have rowing experience to join the team.
Everyone who joins the team must try out, even if they possess rowing experience. The program strives to look for committed, high performing, and determined student-athletes. Tryouts take place early in the school year, usually during the second or third week of the fall and spring semesters. Anyone interested in trying out for the team should fill out the Recruit Questionnaire at the bottom of this page. There, you will also find information for contacting our freshman/novice coach.

Villanova Men's Rowing seeks both heavyweight (165+ lbs.) and lightweight (sub 165 lbs.) rowers. Rowers tend to be tall; height is an enormous advantage, although it does not guarantee success. Again, the team is looking for the best possible athletes.

We invite you to please fill out the application below if you are interested in joining the team.

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