Villanova University Ties Drexel University for 2014 Head of the Schuylkill Collegiate Points Trophy

Individually, the Men’s Rowing Team placed 2nd to local powerhouse Drexel but ahead of 35 other colleges and universities. Drexel managed 10 points, Villanova earned 7, and the University of Delaware took 6. The Villanova Women’s Team equaled the Men’s effort with 7 points which gave Villanova University a total of 14 points on the day. Drexel University’s Women accrued 4 points, bringing the schools to a tie at 14 points.

Sean McKenna, first-year head coach of the Villanova Men’s Rowing Team said, “This is really a direct result of the pride, energy, and purpose everyone in our organization puts into training. We only had 11 rowers on the varsity side and weren't chasing points so this was a pleasant surprise.”

The Wildcats’ “A” pair led off the regatta wearing bow marker #1. They earned every bit of that, dominating the course, and finishing nearly 30 seconds ahead of second place. The “B” pair started off in 10th place, and was forced to navigate a tough course passing several boats en route to a bronze medal.

The Varsity Fours improved significantly from last year’s results. The “A” boat jumped 17 spots from 20th to 3rd, despite having raced less than an hour prior. The “B” boat moved up from last year’s 23rd place finish to 17th.

The 19 Freshman/Novice walk ons took to the water Saturday for their first race experience. The Freshman/Novice Four placed 5th in their event of 16, while the Freshman/Novice Eight “A” and “B” boats finished 22nd and 27th, respectively in their event. Head Freshman Coach, Devon Teichman, had this to say on their performance, “I was really proud of the way our guys handled themselves throughout the day. Even though they are totally new to all of this, you would have thought they had been there for years. I’m looking forward to spring.”

In what was the third time down the 2.5 mile course for the majority of the varsity team, the Varsity 8+ finished 7th of 19 colleges and clubs in their event.

Finally, in the Men’s Alumni Eight event, Villanova fielded two full eights to compete against other alumni. The Wildcats closed out the successful day of racing finishing 8th and 30th.




2014 Head of the Schuylkill Regatta Lineups

Varsity Pair "A"
   Stroke: Spencer Chipman '15
Bow: Jack Holden '17
Varsity Pair "B"
Stroke: Chris Helmon '16
Bow: Christian Virgilio '16


Varsity Four "A"
Cox: Brandon Dorenko '17
Stroke: Spencer Chipman '15
3: Jack Holden '17
2: Chris Helmon '16
Bow: Austin Neri '17
Varsity Four "B"
Cox: Alexa Evans '17
Stroke: Christian Virgilio '16
3: Mike Polkow '17
2: Tom McElheney '17
Bow: Marco Bongarzone '17


Varsity Eight
Cox: Brandon Dorenko '17
8: Spencer Chipman '15
7: Jack Holden '17
6: Chris Helmon '16
5: Austin Neri '17
4: Mike McCarthy '17
3: Christian Virgilio '16
2: Andrew Prephan '17
Bow: Joey Weaver '17


Freshman/Novice Four
Cox: Sofia Valbuena
Stroke: Eliot GregorY
3: Matias Sejersen
2: Matthew Barra
Bow: Brendan Girouard


Freshman/Novice Eight “A”
Cox: Kerri Devlin
8: Frazer Fernandes
7: Timothy Phillips
6: Matthew Barra
5: Brendan Girouard
4: Kevin O’Neil
3: Matthew McDevitt
2: Jacob Kraus
Bow: Sam Cacela
Freshman/Novice Eight “B”
Cox: Ana Song
8: Nick DiCapua
7: Eliot Gregory
6: Matias Sejersen
5: Mike Montague
4: William Yoquinto
3: Peter Mahotiere
2: Francisco Rogel
Bow: Andrew Belack