Team Indoor Scrimmage vs LaSalle University

This past Saturday, on January 30th, the Wildcats made their way to Chew and Olney Ave to go head to head with the LaSalle University Explorers in a tournament style 1k bracket challenge. 

The Wildcats put 3 athletes in the final four of the tournament, which is an impressive feat, considering the Explorers team outnumbered them 2 to 1. With a 1-point per win scoring arrangement, Villanova entered the final two rounds down just 3 points 16 - 13, as Junior Mike McCarthy went to head to head with LaSalle University's top athlete, Marcus Brown. It was a brutal battle, but in the end, LaSalle took the individual victory.

The final piece of the day ended in a very exciting display of a team effort for the overall trophy. Villanova was now down by 4 points, with 7 athletes competing in the last race of the day. Senior Chris Helmon lead the Wildcats to their first point, followed by novices Thomas Leiberger, Will Rieger, Nicholas Burns, and Nolan Lauber

Despite the efforts, LaSalle took the Cats in a final score of 21-18. 

Overall, it was a very competitive and productive day for both teams, ending in a group breakfast at LaSalle's cafeteria.